August 04, 2008

The Big Picture has always been one of my favorite websites. Being a Boston native, I keep up on news from my home state on an almost daily basis...but let's be honest, I am really their for the sports coverage. This May they started a new feature called The Big Picture, highlighting "News Stories in Photographs." The site is beautifully simple, it features large pictures of a given news event. We are so used to seeing small photos accompany news stories, that the screen size images are thought provoking, and stunning.

Some of my favorites have been the coverage of the "Anti-Terrorism Exercises in China" as they prepare for the Olympics, "Daily Life in Sadr City, Iraq" and the photos of an "Uncontacted Tribe in Brazil." I also love the photographs of the "2008 World Champion Boston Celtics." But really, who wouldn't?

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